So I know it’s Glee Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and what not, but us writers would be nothing without the lives we ruin, and I feel I haven’t ruined a life more than three people in particular.

So I’d like to take this time to truly thank from the bottom of my marshmallow heart (though they might not see it that way) Sarah, Ebony, and Paula, for listening without objection (or at least any that I’ve heeded) to my rants and my headcanons. And also at times fostering my madness by suggesting and opening their mouths when they shouldn’t have.

So thank you for not unfriending me by now, because we both know you’ve thought about it.

And to all my readers too, thank you for all the support and fanart that you’ve given me over the years. It’s been truly overwhelming.

  1. faberry said: WOIWLLOW I CAnT BELIOEVE I JUST SAW THIS?? omg stupid tracked tagss!!!
  2. ninadobrevs said: CATHERINE???? akjshdsakjdsa you angel thank you for all the times youve made me cry and for actually using my suggestions hehehahahaohohohoh youre the best <3
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